A Renowned Manufacturer of Custom Made Wooden Windows & Wooden Doors in Nelspruit


is a manufacturer of timber products:

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  • Pivot doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Garage doors
  • Foldaside or Stackaway doors
  • Flush panel doors
  • Fire doors & frames
  • Skirting & Architraves
  • Timber full pane & cottage pane windows

Why Wood You Come To Us?

  • We can provide various purpose made items according to customer requirements or specifications. Our professional experience will ensure that final measurements are manufactured with precision.
  • Our products carry a manufacturer’s quality guarantee. Where necessary, we offer a maintenance service, to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Products are mainly manufactured from Meranti timber but with our wide skill set, we occasionally use various exotic hardwoods depending on the customer special preferences or requirements.
  • If you want the best quality products with excellent service and guaranteed superior woodwork in the structure of any building, visit Nelspruit Precision Wood.
  • If you are looking for a company that can provide you with quality wooden doors in Nelspruit, we will not let you down. We manufacture, supply and install a variety of wooden doors in Nelspruit and in surrounding areas, but what WOOD a door be without a frame? Our workshop carefully and precisely manufactures matching wooden doorframes in Nelspruit.

    Here at Nelspruit Precision Wood, we take pride in providing our clients with excellent service, and a high quality product. We offer a wide variety of products, from door handles to wooden doorframes in Nelspruit.

    We are known for our custom made products which include sliding doors, foldaside doors, glass doors, fire doors, solid doors, flush panel doors, veneer doors, as well as pivot doors and cavity sliders.

    The timber windows which we sell are also of the highest quality and we offer a compelling variety to suit our clients’ specific needs. The designs include sash windows, full and cottage pane windows, mock sash, top hung, horizontal sliding and foldaside windows. For security purposes burglar bars are optional.

    If you would like custom made wooden doors in Nelspruit or in the Lowveld, simply visit our workshop. We manufacture many different timber products, so if you’d like to add a different style to your home, we can also custom make louvres and shutters in various designs to suit your wooden window frames and the overall style of your home.

    Nelspruit Precision Wood is qualified to manufacture, supply and professionally install various designed timber garage doors in Nelspruit. Automation is also included.

    We are also proud distributors of Lotus Amoretti products which consist of a standard range of interior and exterior doors, garage doors, door frames, and window frames.

    To take our customer services to the next level, we even supply the wooden trimmings to their homes, like handrails and balustrades for staircases or skirting and customised mouldings and architraves that match the wooden windows and wooden doors in Nelspruit.

    Our wide variety of exotic hardwoods WOOD tempt you into wanting an exclusive product which we WOOD manufacture for you.

    To extend our customer service, we WOOD supply the timber handrails and balustrades for staircases or skirting, customised mouldings and architraves that match the timber doors and windows. For the ultimate finishing touches, we could supply the timber decking to compliment the other timber features in your home.

    Please remember that we also supply Silkwood Oil, a wood sealant, to improve the life span of your timber products.