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The beauty of high quality wooden doors in Nelspruit

Np Wood is sought after manufacturers of custom made wooden doors and windows.

NP Wood delivers the best quality Wooden doors and Wooden Windows in Nelspruit and we guaranteed superior woodwork and excellent service to our customers.

Doors act as portals to go in and out of our houses or get from one room to another, and these are very important implements in such a way that it’s impossible to conceive the idea of a house without a good door incorporated on its design.

Essentially, doors also act as a means of security because it could grant us entry to our shelter and furniture such as custom cabinets Almont MI and at the same time protect us from threats, regardless whether it’s a crime or other outside elements.

Solid wooden doors in Nelspruit

A modern solid core wooden door is usually created with the use of plywood pieces or laminate with a sturdier hardboard piece which acts as a back support. The core has insulating capabilities, thanks to energy-efficient material polyurethane, while its panels are finished with even thicker plywood and other wood pieces, pretty much like cabinetry which works well as an inside door.

This is due to the fact that they have limited durability, and exposure to extreme weather conditions has more adverse effects to them. So in line with that, a solid wood door is your best choice for an outer door, since it’s made from 100% solid wood, as its name implies. It’s heavy and deemed to be the most secure type of door you can purchase (not to mention the most beautiful).

Further, high quality solid wood doors are able to resist major shifts or expansions, which make them really durable, but as with any material, they still need some maintenance in order to preserve its luster and its durability.

Once maintained properly, they’re able to last for a long time, and if ever they are to be replaced, it’s not really that hard of a task. What it could do for you is that maintenance cost is not that high if done properly. Its sturdiness can keep you secure and its appearance will always be pleasing to the eyes.

Natural solid wood is probably the most attractive material for a decorative front door. Depending upon the type of wood you select, it can also be one of the most expensive door materials. If you select large decorative glass panels, their cost is sometimes more than the door itself.

Installing a new efficient front door should save energy and reduce your utility bills to help offset the cost of the door. Even though solid wood is not quite as good an insulator as steel or fiberglass doors with foam cores, the millions of tiny air cells in the wood block heat loss. A new door will also seal outdoor air leakage much better than your old one.

Wood doors which come with the topcoat finish from the factory require little regular maintenance. These new factory finishes are very durable, much more so than the paints used just a decade ago. If the door gets scratched and the finish is broken, touch it up and seal it as soon as possible.

Nelspruit Precision Wood (NP Wood) is a manufacturer of wooden internal doors, external doors, pivot doors as well as flush panel doors, sliding doors, foldaside/stackaway doors (installed), door frames, windows (full pane and cottage pane) , skirting and architraves. We also manufacture, supply and install garage doors in the Lowveld. We also cater for various custom made items according to customer requirements/specification.


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We also render a backup service for all products supplied by Nelspruit Precision Wood. Where necessary, final measurements will be checked to ensure that products are manufactured according customer’s satisfaction. Our products also carry a manufacturer’s quality guarantee. Products are mainly manufactured from meranti timber but various hard woods could be used depending on customer requirements.

If you want the best quality products with excellent service and guaranteed superior woodwork in the structure of any building, visit Nelspruit Precision Wood.

Coming into Nelspruit on the N4 from Maputo, pass Valencia. At the next robot, turn right into Friedenheim Road continue under the bridge and then turn right into Fuchia Street. Then turn right into Quo Vadis Street and then right again into van Bergen Street.

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